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Use these commands to start chatting with Henryx, Ninety's texting service.

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Activate Your Number

If you have not activated your phone number, please do so first.

Text Henryx the following actions

  • Get my to-do's

  • Get my rocks

  • Get my issues

  • Change company

  • Change team

  • Add issue

  • Add rock

  • Add to-do

  • Add headlines

Tip: Commands cannot exceed 256 characters.

Multiple teams and companies

With multiple teams or companies activated, use the change functions above to get content from your various teams.

When adding information, choose the right team. When getting information, change the team or company to see additional content.

Other things to keep in mind when texting Henryx

Henryx knows if someone is on multiple teams, so any of these commands prompt a text regarding the preferred team. All variations of To-Do are acceptable:

  • to-do

  • todo

  • todos

  • todo's

  • to-do's

To-Dos automatically receive a due date of 7 days out. Rocks automatically receive a due date of 90 days out. Rocks/To-Dos/Issues are automatically assigned to the person creating them.

How to get To-Dos via SMS

To receive a list of To-Dos via SMS, text Henryx one of the following commands:

  • What are my to-do's?

  • Get to-do's

  • List to-do's

  • My to-do's?

Tip: All commands can be done with or without a question mark.

Henryx will be getting more intelligent over time. Don't forget to share feedback and ask the Client Success Team any questions along the way — we are available via LIVE CHAT.

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