Have you seen "Henryx" on your Configuration page and wondered what it is? Henryx is Ninety's texting service and future Mentor Bot. Connect your phone number and have one number, Henryx, that you can text to add and retrieve content from your Ninety account.

Are you on multiple teams? Henryx knows! Add an Issue, and Henryx will ask what team you would like to put it on. Multiple companies? Henryx can handle that too!

Are you interested to learn more about the capabilities of Henryx? You can see the complete list of commands to give Henryx here.

To start using Henryx, you'll first need to enable your phone number. Learn how to to do that here.

How can Henryx help you?

  1. Add Rocks/Issues/To-Do's to your lists.

  2. Send you reminders about incomplete Rocks and To-Do's.

  3. Get your Rocks/To-do's/Issues lists texted to you.

  4. Update Headlines on the go.

If you're super-active in Ninety and have many To-Do's or Rocks, you might receive an abbreviated list instead of the full one. We have a limited number of characters we can include in a text, so visiting Ninety.io via your mobile browser is the best bet.

Questions? Reach out to the Client Success Team via chat!

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