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Reminder Methods

There are two methods to receive reminders from Ninety.io — text or email.

Both methods serve different purposes. Our emails offer a daily reminder of tasks, while our texts present a push notification only when there is a To-Do* or Rock* due.

Email Reminders

Emails can be sent daily at the time chosen through User Settings. Click Settings then Notifications to adjust this feature. Members can choose the day/time to get these emails.

Tip: Each user must adjust these settings within their account.

When a user is invited, by default, they will be signed up to receive emails from Ninety, and it will always include:

  • Upcoming To-Dos*, Rocks*, and Milestones

  • Past Due To-Dos*, Rocks*, and Milestones

  • A Reminder at the end to add their Issues*, Headlines*, and filled-out KPIs* before the next meeting

Text Notification

Ninety's texting service sends notifications about upcoming Rocks* and To-Dos*.

Reminder Timelines

Through these notifications, users will receive reminders on the following timelines:

  • To-Dos*: 2 days before the deadline

  • Rocks*: 30, 15, and 7 days before the item is due

To receive reminders, please activate your phone number. Just like the email reminder, this must be set up by the individual user, not by another person in the company.

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