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Inviting a Coach or Implementer

The following steps show how to add a Coach* with full account access to Ninety.

Note: Because of the permission levels involved with the Coach* role, only an Owner* role will be able to complete these steps.

Changing a user to a Coach* will:

  • Give them full edit access over teams

  • Give them full access to invite users

  • Prevent them from being assigned any content (this includes everything: KPIs*, Rocks*, Processes*, and so on)

  • Allow them to control Billing (adding a credit card and updating subscriptions)

  • Authorize them to add or create content, including running meetings and viewing 1-on-1 Discussions (like the Owner* role)

Instructions to invite a Coach or Implementer

Step 1. In the sidebar, navigate to the Directory* and click Add Person.

Step 2. Toggle to Add to Company and choose the Coach* role.

Selecting the Coach* role will gray out the Teams field because that role has access to all teams but cannot be assigned any content in those teams.

What if the Coach or Implementer is already in the Directory?

If they are already in the company's Directory*, select their name in the list, and select Coach* from the dropdown list of Roles. This menu will only be available to users with the role of Owner*.

Tip: Once turned on, the Teams and Role fields next to their name will no longer be visible.

If the Coach* already has an account, they can log in to their existing account to navigate to the company. If they don't have an account yet, they will receive an email inviting them to Ninety.

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