You will have past content that is no longer on your current Rocks, To-do's or Issues List. We call this the Archive. 

The following functions will work the same on all Rocks, To-do's and Issues pages.

To view your Archive just click the Archive toggle in the orange bar.

Be sure to navigate to the page, and team that you wish to see the content for. That's it! Your past, Archived, content will automatically appear after clicking the toggle. You can choose to see 10 items at a time, or expand to 100 and page through your previous content. When an item is completed, we track the date it is marked done. This will show as the Completed on date in the archive. Your archive will sort by most recently archived at the top of the list! Feel free to sort and filter from there.

How do you put items in your Archive? 

Click the empty box next to the title of the item you wish to Archive. This signifies it is "Done". When you have checked all items that are done, click the double check in the orange bar.

This will send all the items you have marked as done to the Archive. 

Can you archive items one at a time? 

Yes! Archive individual items by selecting the item, clicking the More Actions button, and then the Archive button.

These functions work the same on all Rocks, To-do's and Issues pages!

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