Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Scorecard Settings

Scorecard* settings on each team are off by default but can be turned on in the Company Configuration settings or on the Data page settings.

A Scorecard's* settings can be found on the Data page when clicking the Gear icon on the top-right of the screen.

Scorecard and KPI status color indicator

Toggling on the status color indicator will show a red, yellow, or green color next to the owner of each KPI*. This coloring will reflect the past three weeks of data entered into the KPI* and its relation to the goal.

Find rules for the coloring with the '?' icon next to the owner title.

Note: Turning this on or off will do so for all teams in the account.

KPI Average and the totals column

Toggling this will activate the columns shown below. These will calculate based on the number of weeks selected on the Scorecard* view.

Note: Turning this on or off will do so for all teams in the account.

Show or hide the current week

When toggling "Hide current week for [Team Name]" on, it allows users to hide the view of today's date on the Scorecard*. This might be helpful for Monday morning meetings when teams want to see last week's data rather than the current week, which would be blank.

Toggle on or off for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual individually.

Note: Turning this on or off will be unique for each team.

Line breaks on the Scorecard

Users can separate KPIs* into specific groups on the Scorecard* by adding a thicker line in between metrics. Separating KPIs* helps designate specific departments, owners, or any other categorizations.

To add a line break, hover to the left of the KPI* owner and put the mouse on the bottom line. A three-lined button will appear — select it, and Ninety will add a line break. Selecting it again will remove the existing one there!

When dragging and dropping KPIs*, the line break will stay in the same position rather than following the metric.

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