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Discussion Types

Within a Ninety business, managers and team members hold two types of Discussions* — Quarterly and Annual.

The Quarterly Discussion* is a face-to-face conversation to open up communication between both parties. The intention is that managers and team members fill out their forms separately, then connect during a meeting to review the responses.

The Annual Discussion* is similar to the quarterly, but gives opportunities to ask additional questions. The same process as the Quarterly Discussion*, but more open ended questions added.

Quarterly Discussions

The Quarterly Discussion* is a one-hour, 1-on-1* meeting between a manager and a team member every 90 days. It's not a performance review; it's just a conversation. It's an opportunity to share what's working and what's not.

Ninety gives team members the ability to prepare their thoughts for this conversation by filling out forms before the meeting.

In Ninety, the steps to complete a Quarterly Discussion* are:

  1. Create the Quarterly Discussion*.

  2. Fill out the forms to prepare for the conversation.

  3. Start the meeting in Ninety to see responses side by side.

Typically, each party reviews themselves and the other party with two forms (completed in step 2 above):

  • Managers review Team Members using the Fit Check* and their Rocks*

  • Leaders review Managers using the Lead, Agree, and Coach (LAC)* Assessment

These forms serve as a guideline for the conversation.

Review the Step-by-Step Guide on Running a Quarterly Discussion for more information.

Annual Discussions

Managers and team members can use the same format as the Quarterly Discussion* to hold a more formal conversation called the Annual Discussion*. These typically occur yearly but can be used whenever a more formal conversation is warranted.

Ninety provides the ability to document the thoughts of all parties for this meeting and then run the meeting using the software.

In Ninety, the steps to complete an Annual Discussion* are:

  1. Create the Annual Discussion*.

  2. Fill out the forms to prepare for the conversation. Once each party submits their documents on their own, they can see each other's responses.

  3. Run the meeting, done within Ninety.

The Annual Discussion* has the same assessments but allows for additional questions to be added to the team member's Fit Check*. The three default sections are Strengths/Accomplishments, Improvement Areas, and Plan to Get on Track.

Once each party completes the forms (step 2), run the Annual Discussion* using Ninety so that a record of how the employee is doing remains in the archive for reference (step 3).

For more information, review the Step-by-Step Guide on Annual Reviews.

Role Permissions:

Roles will see specific content on these pages.

  • Owner*, Admin*, and Coach*: see all Discussions* in their company

  • Manager* and Team Members*: can see all Discussions* they are a part of

  • Observer*: does not see the 1-on-1* Tool

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