Here you will learn how to create conversations for both Quarterly and Annual Convos. If you need to learn more about what a Quarterly Conversation or Annual Review is, please check out this article!

A quick 90 second video explaining creating Conversations!

Create a New Conversation

First, select the tab you wish to create the conversation in.

Anyone can create a conversation between two people.

The NEW (QUARTERLY or ANNUAL) CONVERSATION button prompts you to choose who the Manager should be (defaults to you) and select Managee(s) as well.

Enter a name for the conversation, choose who you would like to review, and complete the remaining fields.

  • Each additional Managee you select will create a new conversation with that direct report.

  • You must select a seat (if the user is on multiple) to evaluate GWC™.

  • Period Start/Stop Dates are required to pull in the Rocks that were due in that time period.

  • Toggling off either form options will mean that form does not appear for the Managee to complete. 

After completing all the required fields, pressing SAVE will show those new conversation(s) on your list.

Again, Quarterly Conversations & Annual Reviews are created the same way. 

Which meeting should you use?

If you wish to have an informal, face-to-face meeting with your Direct Report, use the Quarterly Conversation. If you need to have a documented Annual or other review, use the Annual Review option. Check out this article for more details on each type of conversation.

Next prepare your forms and run the meeting! 

Prepare for a Quarterly Conversation   or   Run an Annual Review

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