If you do not see the conversation you need to prepare, first create the new Quarterly Conversation.

To learn what Quarterly Conversations are, read this article. Here we will discuss the following regarding both Formal and informal:

  1. How to Prepare your Quarterly Conversation Forms

  2. Export / View your Responses

  3. Hold your Quarterly Conversation

Video Overview of Preparing Quarterly Conversations

Below you can see a breakdown of the items discussed in the video. Interested in the annual review? Details here.

Formal vs. Informal Conversations

By default, conversation are "Informal" until the Formal toggle is turned on to the right when creating a conversation. Making the conversation formal will make it work just like the Annual Review function:

  • Formal: Allow each party to fill out the form, and then see the other member's responses

    • In an informal convo, each party can ONLY see their own responses

  • Formal: Owners / Admins in the account also have visibility of completed formal conversations to see both parties responses

    • In an informal convo, Owners/Admins cannot see any responses. They are private to the person that input them.

  • Formal: A feedback meeting can be run. Meaning after each member submits responses, a meeting icon will appear to run a meeting together and see responses side by side

    • In an informal convo, users can only see their own responses and do not have the ability to see each party side by side in the meeting format

Prepare your Forms

After a conversation is created, a pencil icon appears to the right. Note: only the participants listed on the review can complete the form.

Click on the Prepare Form button to get started. The first section assesses the Managee on the company’s Core Values, their Roles on their Accountability Chart Seat, and performance information like Rocks, To-do’s (excluding personal) and Measurables for all their teams. Note: If you are the Managee, you are reviewing yourself.

Next you will move on to the Manager Assessment, reviewing on the Leadership and Management fields provided.

Complete the Forms

Once you have completed the form and are ready for your Quarterly, press SUBMIT. This will indicate to the other party via the status that you are finished filling out the forms.

(Seen in the details section of a conversation).

If you are not able to complete the form in a single session, simply SAVE & EXIT in order to save your progress.

You will only see the answers you submit in the details section, and in the PDF. Once you have completed the form you can still go back to edit using the pencil icon.

Having the Quarterly Conversation

INFORMAL: If the formal toggle is not used, the default for a quarterly conversation is informal. This means once your portion is completed, click open the QC and select the PDF icon to export and print your responses. Bring your responses to your face-to-face meeting. Once the conversation is complete simply check it off.

Once each party completes their form for the conversation, both parties responses are visible side by side in the details section.

Having a Formal Quarterly Conversation

With the rise in remote work, you now have the option to "formalize" your responses. This allows reviews to be completed on the platform, just like an Annual Review.

  • After "Submitting" responses, the feedback meeting button will appear for each member.

  • Any user in the convo can start the feedback meeting and at the end of the meeting there is a signature area to type names and save for confirmation.

  • Any Owner / Admin in the account can view the conversation details after it is submitted.

Check out this quick guide for more details - Make a Quarterly Conversation "Formal"

REMEMBER: As an Owner or Admin in the account, you will be able to see all meetings, but if you are a Manager or Managee, you will only see the conversations that you are a part of.

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