If you do not see the conversation you need to prepare, first create the new Annual Review

To learn what Annual Reviews are and why they are used, read this article. Here we will learn:

  1. How to Prepare your Annual Review Forms

  2. How to Run an Annual Review Meeting

  3. How to Archive the Completed Meeting

PERMISSION LEVELS: As an Owner or Admin in the account, you will be able to see all meetings, but if you are a Manager or Managee, you will only see the conversations that you are a part of.

Annual Review Overview

Below you can see a break down of the items discussed in the video. Click on each link here for questions about creating the annual review or Quarterly Conversations.

Prepare your Forms

Just like filling out a Quarterly Conversation form, use the pencil icon to prepare for the meeting. 

Once you have completed the form and are ready for your Annual Review, press SUBMIT. This will indicate to the other party via the status that you are finished filling out the forms. (Observed in the details section of each meeting).

If you are not able to complete the form in a single session, simply SAVE & EXIT in order to save your progress.

Once each party has pressed SUBMIT to complete their forms individually, the option to Start the Meeting will appear.

Hold the Annual Review Meeting

These can be run within Ninety by using the Start Meeting button (which appears after each party's form has been submitted)

Starting the meeting will allow both parties to see their responses side by side, and compare notes. The meeting should be run from one person's computer.

All entries are editable within a conversation.

When you have finished going through the meeting, each party will sign and date the form, which will allow you to finish the meeting.

Once a meeting is complete, it can be marked as complete and archived.

Note: You can run as many annual review meetings as you want! You are not restricted to the calendar year, so use them for quarterlies or whenever you need a more formalized conversation too!

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