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Viewing Headlines

Created Headlines* can be viewed within a meeting and cascaded to other teams. For more details on Cascading, go here.

Add a Headline

Use the CREATE button in the top right corner to add a Headline*. Choose one or more teams for the Headline* to populate within and appear in their Weekly Team Meeting*.

Tip: Headline* will be the default option for the CREATE button when on the Meetings* page.

Viewing Headlines

Headlines created by team members will appear on the Weekly Team Meeting* page.

When starting a meeting, both Headlines* and Cascaded Messages* will appear in the Headlines* section of your meeting.

When they are checked (marked done), they will be archived (and saved) to that meeting occurrence.

Tip: Headlines* NOT marked as done will remain on the list for the following week.

Turn a Headline into a Cascading Message

Click the Three Dots to make any Headline* an Issue*, To-Do*, or Cascading Message*.

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