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This article explores how to add Steps to Core Processes and Sub-Steps below the Steps.

Note: Only the Roles of Owner, Admin, and Manager can add or edit Processes.

Creating New Steps

A Core Process* is a core function of your company, such as Marketing and Finance.

To create a new Step* below a Core Process*, click the Add New Step icon (black plus sign) at the bottom center of the Core Process*. Once the Core Process has at least one Step, you can View Steps or Collapse Steps using the arrow icon at the bottom center of the Core Process*.

Tip: Clicking View Steps will fully expand all Steps* and Sub-Steps*, but you will no longer be able to see other Core Processes*. Use Collapse Steps to see them again.

Once one Step* has been created, add the next Step* to that same Core Process* by clicking the Add New Step icon (blue plus sign). Create a Sub-Step* by clicking the Add New Sub-Step icon (black plus sign).

When you need to communicate about these items, you have options:

  • Use a direct link to the Core Process*, Step*, or Sub-Step* tile

  • Refer to the Step* number and Sub-Step* letter

Example: To refer to a specific Step* in a Core Process*, we'll often say, "HR Sub-Step 1A."

Assign an Owner

Assign an owner by clicking the person icon on the tile. This will pull up a list of people from the Responsibilities Chart* to choose from.

Note: In order to assign any part of a Process to a person, they must be assigned to a Responsibilities Chart* Seat.

View and Edit Tiles

Use the View Details icon (block arrow) to open and edit the details of any Core Process*, Step*, or Sub-Step* tile. The title and description will save automatically when changed.

Create a Details List

Under Details, click Add Item to include a detailed bullet point list (such as a checklist or a simple breakdown of the process). Click Add Item again to add an additional point. Use the Delete List Item icon (X) to remove a list item. Hover to the left of each item and use the drag handle icon to rearrange Details.

Attach a KPI

KPIs* that have been created for the Scorecard* can be added to any Step* and Sub-Step*. Think about what KPIs* to connect to judge the Process* effective.


  • Are all Steps* being completed?

  • How do I know these Steps* are being completed successfully?

Attach a Document

Any file type can be attached to a Step*. All users can see the Process page. There are no permissions around documents, so anyone will be able to download and view these items.

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