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How to Make Rocks SMART Using Milestones
How to Make Rocks SMART Using Milestones

Make Rocks SMART with detailed descriptions and add Milestones to track progress across customized timelines.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Building Rocks

When building a Rock*, be as detailed as possible to make expectations clear for completing the goal by the end of the quarter. We recommend adding Milestones* and making the Rock* SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) whenever possible.


A Milestone* breaks down a Rock* into smaller pieces with actionable due dates. Each Milestone* can be delegated to an individual or worked on as a team.

How to add Milestones* to a Rock*:

  1. Click Rocks* from the sidebar.

  2. Select the Rock* from the dashboard.

  3. Press the + button next to Milestones*.

  4. Add a title, due date, and description.

    1. The due date could be the same as the Rock* or earlier as an incremental step towards the larger goal.

  5. Click Add.

Once a Rock* has active Milestones*, edit them as you progress, and be sure to save them once finished.

Turn Milestones into To-Dos

Having an accurate due date for Milestones* is essential. Seven days before their due date, Milestones* automatically become To-Dos* unless they are already marked off as completed.

  1. Open a Rock*

  2. See all Milestones* on the ride-side of your window

  3. Click the checkbox to the right of the Milestone* name to create a To-Do*

As a To-Do*, the Milestone* can receive a new due date and an update to its description. The To-Do* defaults to one for the team, but it can be switched to a personal To-Do* with the on-screen toggle.

Our system keeps the To-Do* and Milestone* connected. So once the To-Do* is completed, it will also be completed as a Milestone.


When creating Rocks*, make them SMART. Feel free to copy and paste these questions below into any Rock's* description.

Specific — What specifically will be achieved?
Measurable — How will the completion of this goal be measured?
Achievable — Is this goal achievable by this individual or team?
Relevant — How relevant is this goal to the company's overall vision?
Time-Bound — What are the key dates, and what is the final date for this goal?

Reminder: Team members can add additional details as Milestones* to each Rock*.

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