The Foundation Session

The Foundation Session is a critical step toward establishing a Business Operation System (BOS) to build a great company.

What Is Ninety?

Ninety is a BOS platform that offers Whole Company Tools to help optimize running meetings, managing accountability, communicating the company Vision, and more.

Create a Ninety account

Before the Foundation Session, create an account with Ninety! Visit Once created, invite the teammates that are joining the Foundation Session!

Tools to use during the Foundation Session

Below are the pages users first in Ninety.

  1. Directory: Add the entire company and even key stakeholders.

  2. Responsibilities Chart: Starting with the default 5 seats, easily customize the Responsibilities Chart.

  3. Rocks/To-Do's/Issues: Each teammate can create and assign Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues to anyone on their team.

Tools for post the Foundation Session

After the Foundation Session, it's time to establish a meeting pulse.

  1. Weekly Meeting: Our platform pulls together the Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues already on Ninety and adds them to the meeting agenda.

  2. Vision: Add the company's Core Values, Purpose/Passion/Just Cause, Niche, and Compelling and Audacious Goals.

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