Welcome! We are going to walk you through everything you need to know before Focus Day (as it relates to managing your new EOS® information).

What Is Ninety?

Ninety is software, built for EOS, to help you run meeting, manage accountability, communicate your vision, and more. In Ninety you will find a tool for each of the Six Key Components™.
Below is a walkthrough of only the sections you need to know before your Focus Day.

Create Account

Before your Focus Day, you can create an Account! Visit https://app.ninety.io/sign-up. Once created, invite the teammates that are joining your Focus Day meeting!

During Focus Day

This is covered in the above video, but thought it would be helpful to include the items and links here as well. Below are the pages you will use first in Ninety.

  1. People Directory: Allows you to add your full company to Ninety so they can go on the Accountability Chart.

  2. Accountability Chart: It starts with the default 5 seats, but easily customize for you!

  3. Rocks/To-Do's/Issues: Each of your teammates can create and assign Rocks, To-do's and Issues to anyone on the team.

Post Focus Day

Once you are done with Focus Day its time to run a meeting.

  1. Level 10 Meeting™: Our meeting manager pulls together the Rocks, To-do's and Issues you have already been working on and puts it into the meeting agenda you need!

  2. V/TO™: Add you Core Values, Core Focus™ and 10 Year Target™. Continue refine the rest!

Questions? Reach out via our online chat or schedule a call with our team.

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