Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Tip: Archiving Headlines is slightly different from archiving Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues

When to Archive

Archiving a Headline* will occur during the Headlines* section of Meetings*. It is used to save a covered Headline* to the meetings overview page. 

How to Archive

After a Headline* has been discussed, and the checkbox is selected, a Headline* is automatically archived.

Viewing Discussed/Archived Headlines:

Once a Headline* is discussed it will no longer appear in the Headlines* section of your Meetings* page, however, if you do not discuss a Headline* it will remain as part of your meeting until it is marked discussed. Once discussed, it will be tied to the meeting the Headline* was discussed within.

To view it, select the meeting it was discussed in, found in the Past Weekly Meetings* section of the Meetings* page. Headlines* covered during the meeting will be displayed along with other information about that meeting.

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