Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Our Support Team can upload data to your account for you so you can start your account with content! To send us your data, follow the below instructions. We can create your account for you, invite your users and create any content you already have.

Email your Client Success Manager or datauploads@ninety.io with any questions.

If uploading content from software like Trello, Asana, or Bloom Growth (Traction Tools), click below.

More tips on how to upload content from other software

First, Format your Data

  1. Put your Rocks*, To-Dos*, Issues*, and KPIs* into these templates.

    1. (You will be asked to copy a google sheet when clicking the link so you have your own version)

  2. Please also be sure to fill out the users you would like invited and what teams to put them on.

  3. Generate PDFs, Word Docs, Screenshots, etc. of your Vision* and Responsibilities chart* - those do not need to be in a specific format.

Second, Send us your Data

Complete this form. The data completed from step 1 will be uploaded here for us to use.

The form also includes basic information that helps us format your account correctly, like users and teams.

Third, We Upload your Data

We will confirm that we have received the information, and the account will be updated in <72 hours business hours.

You will receive updates from our Data Uploads Team!

Extra Tips

  • Do you have multiple teams?

    • Create a tab for each team's info and label the tab accordingly. (Example: Leadership: To-Dos* & Marketing: To-Dos*

  • Required information has a red header.

  • Entering an archived date will automatically put that item in the archives.

  • The ID field on Issues is only to number each one.  

  • If you wish to put your KPIs* on multiple Scorecards*, only add it to the template once.

    • You can easily add it to multiple Scorecards when it is in the system.

    • Let us know and we can help.

  • Users Free, Paid, and Inviting them

    • Each team member you have assigned an item to needs to be INVITED (and a paid user). If you have not invited them, we can do so or delay the invite for you to send when appropriate, but they will be a paid user immediately.

    • Free Seats:

      • You can provide names and emails of each person so we can add them to your Responsibilities chart*. There is no charge for a name to be on Responsibilities, that person cannot log into Ninety.

      • If they should have a login, but you do not want them assigned any content - they can be an Observer role. View only access in the system.

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