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Import Data for Free

Importing an existing Weekly Meeting Agenda*, Vision*, and Responsibilities chart* into Ninety is free and easy, plus you get to see and use all of your historical data in Ninety!

Export your data from Bloom Growth (Traction Tools)

Use the Meeting Export and Quarterly export to retrieve your account details.

Meeting Export:

For the Scorecard*, Rocks*, To-Dos*, and Issues* (Includes all historical items).

  1. Click Weekly* in the top menu bar.

  2. Click Manage to the right of your Weekly.

  3. Hold Shift, hover on Export All, and select Include Notes.

  4. A zip file will generate with all of your Weekly Team Meeting* data.

    1. Milestones from Rocks* will not be included in this export.

Keep in Mind:
  • Complete the above for each team you need.

  • Milestones is not included in the export, they will need to be copied manually - so inform our team if this is the case.

  • Historical weekly meeting ratings, dates, and time are not transferred into Ninety.

Quarterly Export:

For the Vision* & Responsibilities Chart*

  • Click Meetings in the top menu bar.

  • Click the Gear icon (Manage) to the right of the meeting.

  • Choose Quarterly Printout from the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Click the Vision* and Responsibilities chart* to be included.

  • Click Save.

  • You should now see the Quarterly Printout.

To Start your Data Upload into Ninety:

  1. Format your data: Use the above method to get your information exported, OR export as needed from the other software you are using.

    1. Can we see all of the users you need to invite in your exports? If not, use this form to fill out the users to invite.

  2. Send us the data: Fill out this form to submit it to us

  3. We get to work! We let you know when the data is received.

    1. Data is uploaded the data in typically less than 3 days

      1. Dependent on the amount of content to be transferred and any special requests.

    2. We create an account for you or access an existing one to complete.

Just using Google Sheets or word documents right now? Check out our full data upload templates you can complete and process here.

For immediate answers to questions, reach out via our chat!

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