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What Is a Personal To-Do?

A personal To-Do* is a task to complete that doesn't correspond to any of your teams, so the team doesn't need to track its progress. These can be things for day-to-day work or personal tasks like, "Do the laundry."

Creating a Personal To-Do

To create a personal To-Do*, use the CREATE button on the top right and click the personal toggle. Doing so will deactivate the team selection.

Personal To-Dos* will only appear on the My 90* page. They will not appear on the To-Dos* page or during a meeting.

Archiving Personal To-Dos

To archive a personal To-Do*, right-click on the item or use the "more actions" button. When selecting "Archive," Ninety will remove the item from the list. 

To access archived personal To-Dos*, use the toggle on My 90* in the "My To-Dos*" area. This screen will show all the archived personal To-Dos*, not all archived To-Dos*.

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