The meeting recap email sends after each meeting to all current team members listed in the ratings section. This can be stopped by unchecking "send recap email" on the Conclude page.

Remember: you can edit the notes and the ratings after a meeting by clicking on the pencil icon under the meeting details. Don't forget to press the check mark to save!

Level 10 Meeting™

  • To-dos Created: Any to-dos created during the meeting.

  • Solved Issues: Any issues marked as done during the meeting.

  • Headlines: Marked as done (aka 'discussed') during the meeting.

  • Cascading Messages: Created during the meeting.

  • Notes: Recorded during the meeting, or added/edited after.


All of the above, plus:

  • Rocks Created: Any Rocks created during the meeting.


All of the above! Just remember, an Annual Session is TWO MEETINGS. When you complete Day 1, no email is sent. When Day 2 is completed the recap will include details from both days.

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