Run an Annual Session in 90 with these couple tips!

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  • A user starts a new meeting and Day 1 is started by default

  • The meeting runs the same as the Quarterly and Level 10 with functionality on most pages, and some sections having just text direction. For example, on Team Health, you have the prompt of "Objectives" but each team does something different each year, so refer to your Implementer for instruction!

  • Upon concluding Day 1, no recap email is sent and no ratings are taken. You will finish the meeting, and the Recap / Ratings will be covered in Conclude of Day 2.

Starting Day 2

Once you have pressed "FINISH" on Day 1, you will go back to the Meetings page, and see that meeting in your Active Meetings area. This will allow you to end your session and pick up the next day with starting the Day 2 agenda!

Don't forget, the SWOT is visible on the V/TO™ outside of the Annual Meeting too!

A couple more helpful tips about some things you may find in Annual Meetings!

  • Team Health: Looking for help on deciding what your team should do? View some great suggestions here, or ask more questions to the EOS Community!

  • One Thing: If completing the "One Thing" exercise as a part of Team Health, add a headline called "One Thing Check In", add everyone's details so you can check in weekly/monthly.

  • Organizational Checkup: Don't forget to have each team member fill out the organizational checkup BEFORE the meeting. Complete it here, and enter the final scores on the Quarterly Scorecard. These scores will show how your company performs in the Six Key Components. While the Annual Meeting agenda contains a dedicated Organizational Checkup section; during Quarterly Meetings use the Scorecard to determine which aspects of the Six Key Components you need to IDS.

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