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Running an Annual Planning Meeting
Running an Annual Planning Meeting

Run Day 1 and Day 2 of the Annual Planning Meeting with Ninety.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Run an Annual Planning Meeting (APM)* in Ninety with these tips.

Starting Day 1

When a user starts a new meeting, Day 1 is activated by default. The meeting runs similarly to the Quarterly Planning Meeting* and the Weekly Team Meeting* with a few additional sections. Additional sections include but may not be limited to,

  • Team Health*

  • 9 Core Competencies Review*

  • SWOT Analysis*

  • Vision Review*

  • 3-Year Goals*

Upon completing Day 1, no recap email is sent, and no ratings are taken.

Tip: The APM* Recap/Ratings are covered after Day 2.

Starting Day 2

After clicking Finish on Day 1, Ninety reverts to the Meetings* page with a prompt to start Day 2 in the Active Annual Planning Meetings* area.

Don't forget that the SWOT* is visible in the Vision* outside the APM*.

The Facilitator for the APM* Day 2 follows the following format,

  1. Objectives: provide an overview of the outcomes expected from the day's meeting.

  2. Check-In: reflect on Day 1 and resolve any remaining concerns.

  3. 3-Year Goals: recap any new or updated 3-Year Goals.

  4. 1-Year Goals: brainstorm, condense, and elect 1-Year Goals.

  5. 90-Day Goals: ideate the SMART Rocks* needed to win the next quarter.

  6. Long-Term Issue: raise, discuss, and resolve (RDR)* the Issues affecting the next year.

  7. Next Steps: review the To-Dos* created throughout the day.

  8. Conclude: share the major takeaways from the day and rate the meeting.

For more about Annual Meetings, check out the 90u Library.

After the APM*

After all the accomplishments from the APM*, we recommend planning a State of the Company meeting within two weeks to share the updated Vision* with the entire organization. The APM* is a crucial piece of the puzzle to keep organizations focused, aligned, and thriving.

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