Dash is only available to Beta companies right now. Wish to join our Beta program? Let us know via the chat and learn more here.

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What is Dash?

A Dashboard is a collection of Charts created by the user that represent any data from 90. Dash allows you to create multiple Dashboards, organizing data or reporting however your teams need.

You can create Dashboards for Teams, individuals, Departments, etc. You choose how to organize your data.

To Turn on Dash

Visit Settings > Integrations and toggle Dashboard to the right. For now, the other options will be grayed out, but are there to represent the other tools that ToolsHub will be providing.

Dashboard Setup

Once you visit Dash, you will be prompted to create a Dashboard and Add a Chart.

Ready to learn more?

In Dash you can create/edit Dashboards, create/edit Charts, view/edit data in a Display Mode. Click on the links for the help articles or:

Interested in learning more about why Dash was created and how Dashboard can make your data a superpower?

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