Our pricing is $14/user/month. No set up or cancellation fees, and price breaks start at 25 users. Credit card only needs to be entered AFTER the trial is over.

Price breaks mean users are in each tier as you increase.

  • Users 1-25 = $14/user

  • Users 26-75 = $9/user

  • Users 76+ = $5/user

What counts as a user?

  • Any person "activated" as a user with the role of Owner to Managee.

  • This means the role of Observer (view only access) is free. Observers cannot be assigned Rocks, To-dos and Issues.

This means it doesn't cost you just to build out the Accountability Chart, since you do not have to activate a person to see them on the AC.

Annual Pricing

If you would like to pre-pay for the year, there is a 10% discount. To activate this, click on the gear icon on the Subscription area. This will pull a charge for the full amount of the year the next time a payment is due.

When an additional user is added in the middle of your yearly subscription term it will charge that user for a pro-rated amount based on how many months remain in the subscription. Additional users will still receive the 10% annual discount with the pro-rated cost.

Are you an Owner or Admin in your account?

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