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Pricing — How Much Does Ninety Cost?
Pricing — How Much Does Ninety Cost?

User-based pricing allows Ninety clients to just pay for people editing or using the platform. Get the details: cost, tiers, tax, and more.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

This article covers the following topics:

Pay Per-License

The Ninety platform is pay-per-license. A license covers one full user, which is someone with a Role of Owner*, Admin*, Manager*, or Team Member*. License count automatically increases as you add users with those roles, and the count can be decreased in Billing. Learn more about License Management.

Reminder: There are options for Roles that do not require a paid license, including Observers* (view-only access) and Coaches*. Observers* can be added to the Responsibilities Chart* at no cost, so be sure to plug in the whole team!

Price Tiers

With our "Pay as You Grow" system, we reduce the cost of Ninety based on the number of licenses a company needs. License costs are paid per tier, so only users in the tiers over 25 are below $16 (as an example).



Licenses 1 - 25

$16 / month

Licenses 26 - 75

$11 / month

Licenses 76 - 125

$6 / month

Licenses 126 - 250

$5 / month

Licenses 251 - 500

$4 / month

Licenses 501 - 1,000

$3 / month

Licenses 1,000+

$2 / month

There are no setup or cancellation fees, and we offer a 30-day free trial. A credit card only needs to be entered after the trial is over. Learn more about updating your billing.

Sales Tax

The prices shown above are exclusive of sales tax. We add the appropriate sales tax to your order during the checkout process, which is calculated based on the account’s zip code and includes local sales tax (if applicable).

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

If you have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, a VAT ID*, or any other form of sales tax ID, please email valid documentation to so that Paddle can arrange for sales tax to be deducted from all future billings.

*For UK VAT-registered customers, since Paddle is a UK company, you need to claim back the VAT as part of your VAT return. Paddle’s UK VAT ID is GB150848114.

Time of Charge: Monthly or Annual Subscription

Through the Billing page, you can choose Monthly or Annual Payments. The default option is Monthly. Both are the same cost; there is no discount or premium for monthly vs. annual.

In each scenario, you are charged when the trial is over, and then again on the same day the next month or year depending on your chosen term. If you add licenses mid-term, you are charged a prorated amount for those licenses immediately.

If you remove licenses, they are taken off your next bill. No refunds are issued for adding or removing licenses mid-term.

Merchant of Record

You see Paddle (our merchant of record) referenced on invoices, and your credit card statements will read: PADDLE.NET*NINETY.IO.

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