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What is a 1-on-1?

Most companies will have regular one-on-one meetings between the Visionary* and the Integrator*. However, any duo can set up a private 1-on-1* meeting.

Create a New Team

Roles of Owner*, Admin*, and Manager* can manage Teams.

  1. Click Settings in the sidebar, then Team, then Create Team in the upper right.

  2. Click the Add Team Members icon and check names from the dropdown list (pulled from the Directory*). Click OK to add selected members to the team.

  3. Set the team to Private by using the checkbox to the right of the team name.

Note: You can delete a team by clicking the Trashcan icon, but all content like Rocks*, Issues*, and To-Dos* will be deleted too.

Why make the team Private?

Making the team Private means that only the two members of the team will see the content, helping add privacy to the discussion. An Owner* role in the account will still be able to add themselves to the team to view content.

Why do we create a team?

With 1-on-1* meetings, you'll want to have your own specific set of Issues* to discuss. There's even the opportunity to have specific KPIs* to review along with private To-Dos*.

Edit the Meeting Agenda

Next, visit the Meetings* tool in the sidebar to adjust the time frame of the meeting.

Click the Settings icon in the upper right of the Meetings page to:

  • Hide Scorecard*, Rocks*, Headlines*, and To-Dos*.

  • Adjust the time frame of RDR*.

Tip: Be sure to save your custom settings.

Feel free to add additional sections or customize as much as needed. You can learn more about customizing a meeting agenda here.

Check User Permissions

Users that are listed with the Owner* or Admin* role in the Directory* will be able to see the Issues* list (and the team as a whole) even if they are not on the team.

Tip: Adjust anyone's role to Manager* or below that should NOT see the team you created.

Learn more about Roles and their permission levels here.

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