Most companies running on EOS will have a Same Page meeting between the Visionary and the Integrator. Others in the company often run One-on-One meetings in this same way.

This meeting covers three main things:

  • Check-In

  • Build IDS List

  • IDS™

You can learn more about this teaching here - here will show you how to set up this Meeting within

Create a New Team

  1. Visit "Settings" and create a new team.

  2. Set the team to private via the checkmark to the right.

  3. Add the two team members.

Why make the team private?

Making the team Private means that only the two members of the team will see the content, helping add privacy to the content discussed there. An Owner role in the account will still be able to add themself to the team to view content.

Why do we create a team?

With the Same Page meeting, you will want to have your own specific set of Issues to discuss. There is even the opportunity to have specific Measurables to review along with private To-Do's.

Edit the Meeting Agenda

Next, visit the Meetings Page to adjust the time frame of the Level 10 Meeting.

Click the Settings icon in the upper right of the meetings page to:

  • Hide Scorecard, Rocks, Headlines & To-dos.

  • Adjust the time frame of IDS™.

  • Save!

Feel free to add additional sections or customize as much as needed. You can find more details here for customizing the Agenda, but above are the typical sections of a Same Page Meeting.

Check User Permissions

Go to the Directory. Users that are listed with the Owner or Admin role will be able to see the Issues list (and the team as a whole) even when they are not on the team. Adjust anyone's role to Manager or below that should NOT see the team you created.

Learn more about Roles and their permission levels here.

Questions? Reach out to our team on the live chat! We also have more Meetings Best Practices here.

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