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Rating Meetings in Ninety

When concluding a Weekly*, Quarterly*, or Annual Meeting*, attendees are asked to rate that meeting with a score of 1-10. How teams evaluate their meetings is subjective.

We suggest discussing potential rubrics with a coach to personalize the process.

Here are some questions to ask when rating a meeting:

  • Were attendees prepared for the meeting?

  • Was the agenda followed?

  • Was each team member heard, open, and honest?

  • Were any Issues solved?

  • Were the next steps established (To-Dos* created)?

Our coaches recommend beginning the meeting with a 10 in mind and taking points away only when there's reason to — having direct, disputed answers to the above questions would be a solid reason to reduce a rating.

For ongoing transparency and understanding, we suggest talking when attendees give less than a 10 for a rating. This conversation should take place solely for information-seeking and improving future meetings.

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