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Adding a User to Ninety

First, access the Directory* and click the Add Person button in the upper right corner.

Then, Owners*, Admins*, and Managers* have two options:

  1. Add to Directory Only. People added to the Directory* may be assigned to Responsibilities* seats but can't be assigned content like Rocks*, To-Dos*, and Issues*. Adding people to the Directory* is free.

  2. Add to Company. Invite a person to the account as a paid user (only paid users can be assigned content). This requires a license. For more on how to add licenses to your account, review this article.

Option 1: Add a User to the Directory Only

First and last names are required, while an email address and a profile picture are optional.

After a user is added to the Directory*, Managers* can:

  • Add that person's name to the Responsibilities chart*

  • Click their name in the Directory* to add details and/or a profile image

This user is free. This process will not email the person an invitation and the user will not be able to have Rocks, To-Dos*, Issues*, KPIs*, or conversations.

To have access to the above features, see Option 2.

Option 2: Add a User to the Company

When inviting a user to the company, the user will have a login for the account and the ability to be assigned a Role. Learn more about Roles for invited users here. This action also requires a license.

To invite a user:

  1. Toggle to Add to Company

  2. Enter the additional required information, including:

    1. Email

    2. Team(s) to be assigned to

    3. Role

Inviting a User from the Directory

To invite a user already in the company's Directory*, click the Invite or Re-invite button on their row in the Directory*.

Have the team member check their email for the link to activate their account — the email will be from helpful@ninety.io.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change a user's team or Role after they have been invited?

    • Use the drop-down next to their name on the Directory* page.

  • How do I invite the user if I do not see Invite or Re-invite in the Directory?

    • If the Directory* does not show Invite or Re-invite, then the person is already an active user.

  • What does it mean if a user is Directory-only?

    • This is a free user and can be or has been put on a team and assigned a role by a Manager*. This user can't be assigned content.

Once they've been added or invited, add users to the Responsibilities Chart*!

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