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Completing a Discussion

On the 1-on-1* page, click the pencil icon to fill out the necessary forms. Once completed, the other party's forms will be viewable as well by default.

Tip: To change this, uncheck Reveal Answers Prior to Meeting in the settings when creating the meeting.

Helpful Hints:

  • Block out at least 15 minutes to complete the form

  • Add detailed descriptions to each prompt

  • If interrupted, use SAVE & EXIT to save progress

  • Use SUBMIT to complete the review

  • After completion, responses cannot be changed

The Meeting: Formal Quarterly & Annual Discussions

Once both parties have completed their forms, a Meeting icon will appear in the conversation. Only one person needs to join the meeting to initiate the event.

Tip: To not have a meeting, uncheck the box Hold Meeting in the settings when creating the discussion.

Tip: Do this in person or via Zoom with video and screen share. Seeing the other person is essential, and talking through the responses can help gain further understanding.

Remember, It's All Private

Other than the Owner/Admin* of the Ninety account, only the two people in the conversation can see the responses.

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