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Remote, In-person, or Combined Team Sessions

Tip 1 - Have one facilitator and one scribe. We have seen clients succeed when they have one person leading the meeting and another running the meeting.

Tip 2 - Screenshare Ninety when bringing remote teams together.

  • Get the meeting started using any video conferencing software — Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams all work well!

  • Have the person running the meeting in Ninety share their screen to move to the different sections, create items, and utilize other in-app actions.

Tip 3 - Use audiovisuals during the meeting just as the team would in person.

  • In the conference room or meeting space, share Ninety on a screen, so everyone can see and follow the agenda together.

Quarterly Planning Meetings

Our company-operating philosophy utilizes Quarterly Planning Meetings (QPMs)* to focus teams every 90 days.

The following are additional features of QPMs* compared to Weekly Team Meetings*:

  • Review the Quarter's Rocks

    • Incomplete Rocks* should be collected on the Long-Term Issues* list

    • Use the Long-Term Issues* list to craft Rocks* for the next quarter

  • Ninety Tools

    • Coaches typically take their teams through the appropriate tool for the given team quarter to quarter

    • Track mastery of the tools each quarter

Annual Planning Meetings

We also prioritize teams having two-day Annual Planning Meetings (APMs)* to align and set goals for the year.

The following are additional features of APMs* compared to Weekly Team Meetings*:

  • Review the prior year

    • Determine the number of Rocks* completed

    • Review the Scorecard*

  • Team Health

    • Identify ways to increase overall team health

  • SWOT

    • Revisit the SWOT* in the team's Vision* and make any necessary changes

  • Vision and Goals

    • Read and go over the Vision*

    • Align, revise, or create 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly Rocks* accordingly

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