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Overview of the Vision

Who can edit the Vision?

Manager* role and above can make edits to sections in the Vision* tool. Only Owners* and Admins* can adjust the layout and sections that are visible through the Edit Layout option.

Cascaded Sections

Some sections may be cascaded from the Leadership Team and would not be editable except at the Leadership level.

By default, the Core Values, Purpose, and Compelling and Audacious Goals (CAGs) are cascaded, but Owners/Admins* in each company can choose which sections to cascade from the Leadership Team. To edit a cascaded section, go to the Leadership team. Check which team is selected as LT in Settings and learn how to set the LT here.

Each team (Manager* and above role) is able to edit their own Marketing Strategy, 3-Year Goals, and Goals page.

Edit Sections

To edit any portion of the Vision*, select the pencil icon in the specific section. Changes made are saved automatically, and the check mark can be clicked to exit the editing session.

3 Year, 1 Year, and 90 Days - Keeping your content consistent.

Revenue, Profit, and KPIs* are connected across all 3 sections. Each time you add a new Revenue, Profit or KPI* field, the description to the left duplicates the value to the right and is unique to that time frame.

When adding KPIs* to 3 Year, 1 Year, and 90 Days you can either pull from existing KPIs* or add a new KPI.

Note: When adding a new KPI* on the Vision* page, the KPI* is added to your account but must be manually added to a Scorecard* for tracking, based on the Period Interval you select in the KPI's* settings.

For example: If you create the KPI* "Premium Users" on the Vision page with a period interval of Weekly, you need to navigate to the Weekly Scorecard* to add the KPI* for tracking.

Edit the Layout

Need to customize what you see on the Vision* tabs? Owners/Admins* can use the "Edit Layout" option in the upper right of the Leadership Team Vision.

  1. Click Settings in the top right of the Vision tool to turn on "Custom Vision"

  2. Click the new button: Edit Layout

Through this option you can,

  • Drag and drop sections into a new order

  • Resize sections

  • Add / Remove sections through the Manage Sections button in the upper right

  • Change the page of sections through the Manage Sections button

Note: When clicking the PDF option, it doesn't print a custom layout.

Company Rocks and Long-Term Issues pulled from other tools

Company (or Departmental) Rocks* auto-populate in the Rocks* section. To add a new Rock*, just use the create button.

Any Issues* marked as Long-Term (on that team) display in the Issues* column. These are also visible on the Issues* page. Add new Issues* with the Create button and organize your existing Issues* by dragging them.

Long-Term Issues* on the Leadership Team can be made Public. By default, Long-Term Issues* are Private, meaning they are not shared when the Vision* is shared. Learn more about sharing here.

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