Customize the seats on each level.

*You will need to be a manager or above to perform these actions.*

Click on the Edit Details Icon - This will allow you to:

  1. Change the seat name.

  2. Drag & drop Roles into a different order.
    (To drag and drop you will need to hover and put your mouse over the left dots that appear on the Role/Responsibility)

  3. Edit the name and add descriptions to existing Roles.

  4. Add additional Roles/Responsibilities.

Make as many edits as you need, and when you are ready to save changes press SAVE EDITS to save all changes on that seat.

Deleting a Seat

To delete a seat, click the trash can icon in the top right. Do not see the icon? First delete the seats below the seat you wish to remove. Once you have done that, refresh the screen and you will be able to remove the seat.

Now that you can edit seats, learn more about organizing your Accountability Chart.

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