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Edit Responsibilities Chart Seats
Edit Responsibilities Chart Seats

How managers can add roles or duties to Seats in the Responsibilities Chart; sometimes known as The Accountability Chart™.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Customize the Seats on Each Level

Configuring our software to meet any organization's needs is one of our highest priorities. Follow these steps to add control to the Responsibilities Chart*.

Click the edit icon (pencil) to,

  • Change the Seat Name (a position's title)

  • Drag and drop Roles & Responsibilities (R&R) into a different order using the drag handle to the left of each R&R

  • Add additional R&Rs

  • Add Attachments using the plus sign icon

Click Save to save all changes to that Seat. Click Cancel to undo all changes.

Deleting a Seat

Clicking the more actions icon (ellipsis) on the upper right of a Seat opens up a dropdown list of more actions, including Make It an Issue*, Create a To-Do*, Set as Top Seat, Clone Seat, and Delete Seat.

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