Find the Accountability Chart and start customizing it by adding, editing, and organizing the seats to fit your needs.

Create a New Seat

Add a seat by clicking "ADD SEAT" in the bottom left-hand corner. ADD SEAT adds to the seat level BELOW the seat you click.

Assign a Person to a Seat

Assign a person to a seat by clicking on the person icon.
NOTE: you will need to add People into the People Directory before you can assign a seat to someone. Learn how to Add a Person here!

Delete a Seat

Delete the seat by clicking the trashcan icon.

You can only remove a seat if there are no seats below it. To move seats, see the next section.

Move a Seat

To move an existing seat to have a new manager, click the cross hairs arrow, and select the new parent seat.

Collapse/Expand to View Specific Teams

Collapse/Expand all seats below one seat by clicking the arrow in the bottom-center of each seat. 


Finally, when there are multiple seats on the same level use the right and left arrows to organize how you would like the seats placed.

Edit the Seat Roles/Responsibilities by clicking the View Details button. 

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