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Organize Responsibilities Chart Seats
Organize Responsibilities Chart Seats
Add, remove, and reorganize seats on the Responsibilities Chart.
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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Create a New Seat and Assign a Person

People with Manager* or higher permissions can create new seats in the Responsibilities* Chart.

  1. Add a seat by selecting the plus sign in the bottom left-hand corner. The new seat is placed one level below the seat selected.

  2. Assign a person to a seat by selecting the Person icon.

Note: A person needs to be on the Directory* before a Manager* can add them to the Responsibilities Chart*. Learn how to Add a Person here.

Delete a Seat

Delete a seat by selecting the three dots, and then the Trashcan icon. A seat can only be deleted if there are no seats below it.

Move a Seat

To move an existing seat to a different supervisor, select the crosshairs arrow and then select the new parent seat.

Collapse/Expand to View Specific Teams

Collapse/Expand all seats by selecting the arrow in the bottom center. 


Finally, when multiple seats are on the same level, use the right and left arrows to organize how the seats are placed.

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