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Default Responsibilities Chart

The Responsibilities chart* comes with five pre-filled seats — Visionary, Operator, Sales/Marketing, Operations, and Finance. These seats are completely customizable, so feel free to adapt them to any company's needs.

Tip: This chart can only be edited by the role Manager* and above.

Getting Started With the Responsibilities Chart

The first step to take with the Responsibilities chart* is to organize the seats. Once the chart is organized, the seats can be edited as needed to add roles or update seat details.

Here are a couple of the Responsibilities chart* functions:

Easily edit the existing seats

  1. Click the Profile icon to change who is assigned to the seat

  2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the description of the seat.

Tip: You can have more than one individual in a seat.

Add Seats to create new positions

  1. Click the Plus icon under the card you wish for the new seat to report to.

  2. Complete the information for the seat and click Create Seat.

  3. Assign someone to the new seat by clicking the Profile icon.

Move an Existing Seat to Rearrange the Chart or Add a New Manager

  1. Click the Directional Arrow button on the bottom-right side of a seat.

  2. Then pick which new seat they should report to.

  3. Click Save to move the seat.

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