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Adding KPIs to the Scorecard

When on the Data* tool, on each tab (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual), there are two options for building a Scorecard:

  1. Create a new KPI*

  2. Add an existing KPI*

Adding KPIs is only available to users with a Manager role or above.

Create a new KPI on the Scorecard

Click the Plus sign next to Weekly and select Create KPI*. Add the required Measurable details: Title, Unit, Goal, Goal Orientation Rule, and Interval.

Users can optionally assign an owner to the KPI*, adding it to their Responsibilities chart* seat.

Add an existing KPI to the Scorecard

Click the Plus Sign and select Add KPI*. Doing so allows users to add an existing KPI* in their account to the Scorecard*.

Use this option to view a single KPI* on multiple Scorecards*.

Remove a KPI

There are two ways to remove a KPI* from the Scorecard*. The first is to permanently delete it from the entire account, and the second is to remove it from the current Scorecard.*

Delete a KPI completely

Deleting a KPI* will remove it from the Vision*, Process*, and Scorecard* section it is currently on.

Visit the My90* page and view the My Scorecard* section. Choose an unwanted KPI* and click Delete KPI.

Remove a KPI from the Scorecard

Every user can remove a KPI* from the current Scorecard* while leaving it as an option to add back later or keep on other Scorecards.

On the Scorecard* (Data* page or in a Meeting*), choose a KPI*. Then click Remove KPI from Scorecard*. It will be taken off the list but re-added through the steps above.

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