To get a new team set up in your account you just need to go through 2 steps: creating the team and adding people to it.


  • Selecting Project means it will have the full functions of a team, but no V/TO™. LT is the Leadership Team. Selecting Private means only team members on the team can see the content. Learn more about LT, Project and Private Teams.

  • Only AFTER you have added users to your team(s) will you be able to assign them Rocks, To-do's and Issues on that team.

1. Create a Team

Visit Settings. Click Create Team, enter a team name and press ADD.

2. Add Team Members

To add some teammates to the team you created, click on the team and select ADD TEAM MEMBER.

The second option is to go to the Directory and select which teams you would like them to be on using the drop down next to individual names.

NOTE: You need to invite a user before you can add them to a team.

Add Content to your New Team

Now that you have created your team and put people on it, you are ready to assign those users Rocks, to-do's and issues!

Don't forget: Each user has a role in the account to control their permissions.  If someone has the Observer role you will not be able to assign them content.

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