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The Steps

There are only two steps to set up a new team in your account:

  1. Create the team.

  2. Add people to the team.

When creating a new team, selecting Project means it will have the full functions of a team, but no Vision* tool. LT is the Leadership Team. Selecting Private means only team members on the team can see the content. Learn more about LT, Project, and Private Teams.

Note: Only after adding users to a team can Rocks*, To-Dos*, and Issues* be assigned.

Create a Team

Visit Settings, then Teams. Click Create Team on the top right, enter a team name, and click Add.

Add Team Members

To add users to the new team, select the team and click the Person icon.

Alternatively, you can go to the Directory* and select which teams you'd like a user to be on using the drop-down menu next to their name.

Note: You need to invite a user before adding them to a team.

Add Content to Your New Team

With the team formed and populated, you can now assign those users Rocks*, To-Dos*, and Issues*.

Remember: Each user has a role in the account to control permissions. If someone has the Observer* role, they can't have content assigned to them.

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