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How to Start a Meeting

  • Navigate to Meetings*


  • Choose a team

  • Choose a Meeting Type

  • click BEGIN

Within the meeting, a number of features are available to keep teams on track:

  • Total meeting length timer

  • Agenda section timer

  • Pause button

  • Move backward button

  • Move forward button

Tip: You can click specific sections to jump directly to them.

To make navigation easier, another way to jump to a new section is by selecting a section name on the left — such as ROCK REVIEW*.

The facilitator utilizes the Ninety toolset during the meeting to:

  • Check-in with the team

  • Monitor and update KPIs*

  • Review progress on Rocks*

  • Read through the team's HEADLINES*

  • Adjust the TO-DO LIST*

  • Raise, Discuss, Resolve (RDR)* prioritized issues across all team members


Example: within ROCK REVIEW*, the facilitator can filter, edit, search, mark an issue, archive, and more during the meeting. All the information saves automatically — the same way it would when editing/adding Rocks in the account normally.

Tip: During the Meeting, right-click on any item in DATA*, ROCK REVIEW*, TO-DO LIST*, or HEADLINES* to copy the information into an Issue to discuss during RDR*!

How to Suspend a Meeting

To exit a meeting before it is completed, click the SUSPEND button. This will send a user back to the Meetings* page.

When they are ready to re-enter the meeting, just click CONTINUE MEETING and it will take them right back to where they left off. Clicking the Trashcan will delete your meeting.

How to Conclude a Meeting

The CONCLUDE section will show a recap of all To-Dos* on your list, and have NEW next to any that were created during that meeting.

Under Ratings, input what each person rates the meeting (1-10) or mark them as absent. Then just click SAVE & EXIT.

If you do not see all the people you expected to see under the Ratings section, be sure you added your people as users or that you assigned those users to the right team.

Review your Past Meetings

Click any meeting on your list to see a breakdown of the personal ratings given and the duration during each iteration of your meeting.

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