Make It an Issue

Move a KPI, Rock, or To-Do to the Issues list with the "Make it an Issue" button.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms.

Making it an Issue

During a Weekly Team Meeting* or when getting things done throughout the week, quickly turn an off track, past due, or underperforming item into an Issue* for further discussion.

1. Right-Click

Right-click on any Rock*, To-Do*, Issue*, or KPI* to view a quick list of actions.

2. More Actions Button

  1. Click an item to open the details section to the right

  2. Click the more actions button

  3. Click Make it an Issue*


  • The workflow pictured works the same on KPIs*, To-Dos*, Issues*, and other items in the system.

  • Edit the title, description, owner, or team when creating the Issue*. 

  • The KPI*, Rock*, or To-Do* made into an Issue does not remove it from the individual list. The information is brought over to the Issues* list and isn't connected to the individual item.

Turn Issues Into To-Dos the Same Way

Create To-Dos* while discussing an Issue* in a Weekly Team Meeting* to delegate and create actionable steps to solve Issues.

Select Save and the Issue* is added to the To-Do* list. Again, any changes made to the To-Do* created don't reflect on the Issue*.

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