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Creating Rocks, To-Dos, and Issues

When using the Create button to add a Rock*, To-Do*, or Issue*, select the profile picture next to the title to assign the item to a team member. You can assign more than one person to a Rock*, it creates a Rock* for each user assigned.

If you don't see the intended user on the list, visit Settings to assign them to the team or invite them to be a user.

How to Re-Assign a Rock, To-Do, or Issue

To re-assign a Rock*, To-Do*, or Issue* to a new user,

  1. Within the desired Team, click the item.

  2. Click the person icon at the top right,

  3. Chose the new team member to own the item,

Note: Only members of your selected team show up as an option.

Changing an Item's Team

To edit the team that a Rock*, To-Do*, or Issue* appears in,

  1. Navigate to the Teams dropdown

  2. Choose a new team

Changing the team immediately removes it from the current page and moves it onto the new team.

Duplicate To-Dos for Multiple People

When creating a new To-Do*, there is the option to duplicate it across multiple people by simply checking each desired person's name. Doing so will put the To-Do* on each person's To-Do* list.

Note: Assigning multiple people only works when creating a new To-Do* — not an existing To-Do*.

Add a Rock to Multiple Teams

You can add Rocks* to any team you are on. Making Rocks* visible across teams helps with transparency and assigning Milestones*.

  1. Select the Rock*

  2. Click the Add to Other Teams dropdown

  3. Select as many teams as desired

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