We've developed the Baseline Assessment as a 25-question survey to gauge an organization's proficiency with our 9 Core Competencies — the essential skills and disciplines a business must master to become a great company.

This is the beginning of our Baseline Assessment — a 25-question survey to gauge on organization's proficiency with the 9 Core Competencies.

What Are the 9 Core Competencies?

The 9 Core Competencies are vision, customer, goals, people, culture, data, meetings, process, and enterprise value.

  • Vision (CC.1) — A Core Competency that reflects a company’s definition of itself and the expression of its highest aims, as well as the extent to which all of its people work to turn the Vision into a reality.

  • Customer (CC.2) — A Core Competency that reflects how thoroughly a company has identified and markets to its Ideal Customer, plus the extent to which its Unique Value Proposition resonates with them.

  • Goals (CC.3) — A Core Competency that represents a company’s relatively short list of long-term (10-year), medium-term (3-year), and shorter-term objectives (1-year, 90-day).

  • People (CC.4) — A Core Competency that measures the extent to which a company employs expert workers in highly focused, function-defined, and empowered seats. It also gauges how well a company is regarded internally by its people.

  • Culture (CC.5) — A Core Competency that reflects the quality and coherence of a company’s organizational values, norms, and atmosphere. As a Core Competency, Culture is tied to People since the latter contribute to and experience the former.

  • Data (CC.6) — A Core Competency that measures how well a company collects, analyzes, and leverages quality data to accomplish its organizational objectives.

  • Meetings (CC.7) — A Core Competency that measures the quality of a company’s meetings — with particular focus on frequency, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Process (CC.8) — A Core Competency that measures the extent to which proven, scalable processes are documented, implemented, and followed by the whole company.

  • Enterprise Value (CC.9) — A Core Competency that calculates a company’s value based on its market capitalization and net debt that can be increased by having a clearly defined and understood value creation model supported by its systems and processes.

How Do I Take the Baseline Assessment?

Take the Baseline Assessment anytime here. After completing the Baseline Assessment, we'll provide a detailed report analyzing your results.

When to Assess the 9 Core Competencies

We recommend you assess your proficiency with the 9 Core Competencies every quarter with our Org Fitness Review.

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