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Everything to know about customizing and using the Scorecard.

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Terms that appear with an asterisk (*) are configurable and may differ from your Ninety. Explore our glossary of terms. KPI is Ninety's term for a measurable item.

Building the Scorecard

The Scorecard* is made up of KPIs*. When a KPI* is created, it can live on as many teams as needed. Learn more about KPI creation here or watch the Data Overview video below.

Types of KPIs and Targets

Each KPI* can have a unique, trackable unit:

  • Number/Frequency

  • Currency

  • Percentage

  • Yes/No

  • Time (HH:MM:SS)

Choose how to track each KPI* and establish a target. For each target, choose how to determine its success by selecting:

  • Range

  • Greater than

  • Less than


There are a variety of settings to choose from on the Scorecard*. Select the gear icon to see options to change the Weekly Start Day, Average/Total Columns, and Color Indicator.

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual

All Scorecard* intervals work the same way. Add a KPI* to a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual target. Once a KPI* is created with a specific interval, it cannot be changed.

Quarterly Pre-Populated KPIs

The Quarterly Scorecard gives default KPIs* to the Senior Leadership Team. Learn more about those here!

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