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On the Senior Leadership Team's Vision* page, there is an option to "Share with all teams." This function cascades all sections of their Vision* and allows other teams to create and maintain their team's Vision*.

How It Works

When on the Senior Leadership Team (and only the Senior Leadership Team), a user will see "Share Vision* with all Teams." Toggling this to the right will turn it on.

Other Teams View:

When the Toggle is on, all other teams see their own team's Vision* first. They will also see a new option to "View Leadership Vision*."

After the user toggles that on, every team's Vision* section shows a view-only version of the Senior Leadership Team's Vision*.

Long-Term Issues

The Long-Term Issues* section of the Vision* tool is unique because each Long-Term Issue* must individually be given the ability to be seen through a "public" toggle.

By default, an Issue* created is not public. So the user must select the "Public" toggle (only visible on Long-Term Issues*) to permit it to be shared when other teams view the Leadership Team Vision*.


The SWOT* tab follows the same rules. Every team can have its own. Sharing the Senior Leadership Team's Vision* will also share that content.

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