On the Leadership Team VTO page, there is an option to "Share V/TO with all teams" this function allows you to cascade all sections of the Vision and Traction pages, while the other teams maintain their own team V/TO.

Here's how it works.

When on the Leadership Team (and only the Leadership Team) a user will see "Share VTO with all Teams".

Toggling this to the RIGHT will turn it on.

Other Teams View:

When the Toggle is on, all other teams see their own team's V/TO first. Meaning the cascaded Core Values, Core Focus™ and 10 Year Target™ and then the 3 Year, Marketing Strategy and Traction tab unique to their team.

They ALSO see a new option to "View Leadership VTO".

The user can toggle that on, and now every section shows "Cascaded from Leadership Team". Each section will show a view only option of what is on the Leadership team.

Long Term Issues

The Long Term Issues tab is unique because each Long Term Issue must individually be given the ability to be seen through a "public" toggle.

By default, an Issue created is not public. So the user must toggle to the right the "Public" toggle (only visible on Long Term Issues) to give permission for it to be shared when other teams are viewing the Leadership Team VTO.

View of a Long Term Issue with Public toggle off.


The SWOT tab follows the same rules. Every team can have its own, and the Share Leadership Team toggle will also share that content.

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