Sending/Receiving Issues
Learn to delegate, track, and solve Issues.
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Sending an Issue

While addressing issues in the Raise, Discuss, and Resole (RDR)* section of any Meeting*, there may be instances when a different team would be better equipped to address the Issue*. Pulling in another team's expertise is a great way to ensure the Issue* is solved correctly.

The Sending/Receiving Issues* feature allows any team to delegate Issues while maintaining visibility. To send an Issue*,

  1. Select the Issue's* title and open the details

  2. Press the arrow by the originating team name

  3. Choose the new team from the popup menu

Once delegated, the sending team can create To-Dos* and update the description, but they cannot solve, archive, or delete the Issue* until it is sent back from the receiving team. The receiving team has complete control over the Issue's* status until it is sent back to the originating team.

While viewing the list of Issues*, teams can see any Issues* they have delegated to other teams in a separate section.

Alternatively, all Issues* delegated to a team are listed above their Issues*.

Receiving teams can update the description field with the steps taken to solve the Issue*, then send it back to the originating team. Once returned, the Issue* lands back in the originating team's list.

The comments section automatically documents the trading log of the Issue.

Note: If a team no longer needs visibility of the Issue*, they can change its owner via the team dropdown function.

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