Updating your email

In order to update the email you use to access Ninety, log in (https://app.ninety.io/login) and visit My Account.

On the right-hand side of the page, you see Account Details and Primary Email, use the pencil icon to update your email address.

Once you select edit, verify your password.

With that, you can enter the email you would like to use to access Ninety.

A confirmation code is sent via email as the final step. The next time you log in, it can be with the new email you entered.

Important Tips When Changing your Password

  • The confirmation code email is from helpful@ninety.io. If you do not receive it immediately, wait a few minutes and check your spam folder.

  • If you are using Google verification to sign in, the primary email needs to match the account you are attempting to use.

  • To change an email that uses Google verification, you need to contact our support team by using the chat feature in the bottom-right of any Ninety screen.

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