• You will NOT follow the presenter during the meeting when they move to a section or open an item. This is designed so that you can individually access a meeting at the same time to see updates real-time when you are on the same page.

  • Joining a meeting is currently only available for Level 10 Meetings. We will add it to Quarterly, Annual, and all other meeting types in the future.

Starting the Meeting

One user will start the meeting using the "Start Meeting" button on the meetings page. This user will be the "presenter." The presenter is the user that controls the meeting timer and can end the meeting for all users.

  • We will also add the ability to change which user is the presenter soon.

How to join a Meeting

Once the host has started a meeting, attendees can join by following these steps:

  1. On the meetings page, select the team holding the meeting (vital if you're a member of multiple teams).

  2. Meetings that are currently taking place will appear on top of the 'Active Meetings' list - selecting 'Join Meeting' will connect you as an attendee.

All team members logged in to Ninety may see a notification about joining the meeting at the bottom of their screen!

In the meeting, a list of active participants will appear on the top-right corner of the screen.

What's the difference between the presenter and attendee(s)?

The presenter's page affects the timer, while attendees can pop into different sections of the meeting to edit content at any time.

Both have full power to create Issues, convert To-Do's, or any other action you would do in a meeting. Anyone can now add notes or create Issues as the rest of the meeting carries on forward.

See Who's Active in the Meeting

In the top-right corner of the meeting, thumbnails will appear for all current attendees (having your profile picture uploaded makes you easier to recognize!).

How to Leave the Meeting

If you need to slip out of a meeting as an attendee, click the 'Leave Meeting' button located underneath the timer.

Concluding a Meeting

When the meeting presenter hits "Conclude," everyone who has joined the meeting as attendees will be prompted to also move along to the "Conclude" section of the agenda. From there, everyone can enter their meeting rankings and wrap up!

The presenter controls the meeting for the team, so when the presenter ends the meeting, all attendees will receive a notification that the meeting has ended. The presenter will see "Finish" at the bottom of the screen instead of the "Leave Meeting" option.

Watch our overview of this feature in the webinar announcement!

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